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Siding on your home of business not only adds to the overall aesthetics and value, it also protects your home from damage. Siding is offered in many different styles and colors to fit a variety of different applications. Due to its affordability, siding is often used in place of other building materials to save money and add a new look to a home or business. At Castex Roofing, our team can help you better understand what siding options are available, what is best for your application, and get you a free quote on your siding installation or repair. 

Siding Waco, Texas

What Is Siding?

Siding, also known as wall cladding, is a protective material that is attached to the exterior side of a house or building. Siding usually takes the place of brick, stucco, and other permanent exterior finishes. Siding is found on second story exteriors, upper sections of one story homes, and even as the full exterior on some homes. Siding comes in a variety of different materials and colors to fit your specific budget and functional needs.

Siding Repair

Siding can become damaged in strong winds, ice storms, and during a hail storm. If only a few panels have been damaged, your siding might be able to be repaired by replacing the panels. This will depend on if the material is available and if your current panels are not faded from sun exposure.  Many times, the full section of siding on that side of the house is replaced to keep a uniform look.

Siding Installation

If you are wanting to add siding to your home or completely replace your current siding, Castex Roofing can make it happen. Our team specializes in house siding installation in Waco, TX. Using only the highest quality materials and latest siding installation technique, our team can ensure that your siding installation will be done with precision and 100% satisfaction.

Siding Materials

A lot of homeowners think of siding as an aesthetic exterior component. While it’s true that siding plays a large part in curb appeal, high-quality siding can also make a significant impact on the energy efficiency of your home. By providing insulation and sealing your home’s thermal envelope, new siding will save you money on energy bills – and look good to boot!


Here at Castex Roofing Co, we’ve worked with enough brands to know the James Hardie family of siding products is the best of the best. We install HardieBoard®, HardiePlank®, and HardieTrim® in a variety of colors and textures. You’ll enjoy the following benefits right away:

  • Comfort In All Seasons 

  • Lower Energy Costs 

  • Less Outdoor Noise 

  • Enhanced Resistance From Impact

  • Less Visibility Of Minor Wall Framing Imperfections 

  • Termites Resistance

  • Exceptional Warranties


Siding Repair & Installation In Waco, Texas

Since 2016, Castex Roofing has been providing the Central Texas area with high-quality siding installation and repairs for residential and commercial applications. By using the highest-qualities available, Castex Roofing ensures 100% customer satisfaction with each installation or repair. Our team can help you choose the best materials and colors for your home or business to fit your budget and functional needs. To get a free quote on your siding installation, repair, or replacement, fill out our free quote form.

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